I’ve been asked to give a eulogy…should I accept?


Think carefully about giving a eulogy...its a big responsibility.
Think carefully about giving a eulogy…it’s an honor for you, but also a big responsibility.

The passing of a loved one can be a difficult and confusing time for the friends and family of the deceased. Preparations for a funeral service add to the stress of losing someone you care about. One of the most difficult aspects of the funeral service is the eulogy. If you’ve been asked to deliver the eulogy, it’s natural for your feelings to be mixed.

Being asked to give the funeral speech to pay tribute to someone’s life is a great honor, but it’s also a daunting challenge. You’ll need to channel your grief, memories and love for the deceased into words, and then deliver those messages to your fellow mourners in a way that comforts them, leaves them feeling closer to the departed and hopefully helps them to deal with their own grief. This is a tall order, but there was probably a good reason you were asked to speak at the eulogy: The other members of the departed’s friends and family consider you close enough to the deceased to write and deliver a truly inspirational eulogy.

Should I accept the challenge of speaking at a memorial service?

If you’ve been asked to give the eulogy, you’ll need to make a fast decision about accepting the responsibility. A funeral is not something that can be delayed, and should you refuse, you need to be sure the family has time to find someone else. If you do accept, it’s not something you can change your mind about, and back out of later. If you refuse to give the eulogy, you put additional stress on those organizing the services, which will reflect poorly on you. No one can force you to take on the task of speaking in the memorial service, but I would suggest that you do accept. This is an honor to you, as well as a chance for you to help the friends and family of the deceased find some comfort in a trying time. An exception to this might be if, unbeknownst to the family, you and the deceased had some sort of a falling out, and your feelings are so negative you feel you cannot do honor to their memory. In this case, you should probably consider not attending the funeral at all, and can kill two birds with one stone by claiming to be travelling or otherwise occupied during this time.

Should you accept, it’s important that you realize that it’s a responsibility that requires preparation, thought and practice. Fortunately, there are resources available for you to help you with this challenge, so you can create an inspirational eulogy that will bring come comfort to the bereaved during their time of grief. With the advice and resources provided here, I believe you’ll be able give a funeral tribute that will touch the hearts of the bereaved.